PureVPN Reviews

The providers like these are sometimes used by the businesses. Identity data mining, theft and any other type of intrusion can be a threat to Internet every time.

For the PureVPN reviews, offer the service which allows people to communicate securely online. It is service which often finds in many best lists because of the decent long-term package prices and various features which are very useful.

For you to have PureVPN, you are supposed to create the account by offering your name and the email address. With the email address, you will not use it when logging it to PureVPN apps, therefore you don’t have to set the password.


The PureVPN has unique and cool features, though they don’t stack upto a mediocrity of a basic package. The unique feature enables one to use PureVPN like the mobile hotspot, the handy feature which surprises many VPN providers because of its best work. It helps to extend some of the protection to the friends when using the public WiFi.

PureVPN offer encryption for the data which means no one will read it except they have an encryption key that is the similar concept like having the decoder to read the message sent in the secret code.

The server communicates with the computer using this secret code that means it comes out like gibberish to anybody trying to glance at what you are doing. Sometimes, this communication may be routed over the port which ensures it does not stand out like other Internet traffic.

Unfiltered Surfing

There are some people who use this service to get the firewalls and also other obstructions which are free speech in the Internet. In the nations where a government limits what people may read, this service has become the way which people may get around using these restrictions to see and read anything they need.

An encryption makes convinced that information is not well intercepted in transit that has to create to it beneficial for those living in the nations where the communications are monitored frequently by different government agencies.


The PureVPN is a bit cheaper than other VPNs, although not sufficient to make the impression. The pricing plans of PureVPN begins at $10.95 every month with the monthly billing cycle that is definitely at a higher end of a price spectrum that is paid for the VPN services. The long term plan is heavily discounted, although this is certainly the way of going about.

An annual plan is normally priced to be $70, but the decent discount to this PureVPN which brings the price to go down to $49 in the first year, and $70 for the subsequent years. The cheeky way of getting even more substantial discount is to pretend to leave this site. The pop-up provides the even larger price cut.

To this case, it brings about the first rate of the year to $29.88. Amazingly, the 2-year plan can be priced at $70 ($2.87 every month. When considering a long term plan, PureVPN essentially becomes among the cheapest VPN options all over.

Bitdefender threat scanner

Whenever you reboot or turn off your computer, there is a possibility that you may come across a message having a title ?Bitdefender threat scanner.? The full message looks like this:

?A problem has occurred in Bitdefender Threat Scanner. A file comprising error info has been generated at C:\Windows\TEMP\BitDefender threat scanner.dmp.? You are powerfully encouraged to send the file to the developers of the application for further analysis of the error.

The most common cause of such error is the corrupted file most commonly Spybot. The reason lies in one of the .dll files of Spybot that gets corrupted. Usually, one of its .dll files gets corrupted that causes this issue.

It even doesn’t matter that you have installed Bitdefender on your system or not. It is commonly seen that the installation of recent updates from the program, cause the initiation of this problem. In contrast, there are many other users who don’t have installed Bitdefender but still, the error occurred.

In those specific cases, Spybot’s corrupted file is the culprit. You only have to replace those damaged Spybot files to get things normal again. There are three ways to get rid of this problem.

Method 1: Run a Patch

The first option is downloading and running of the patch. If the problem occurred through the upgrading of Bitdefender, then it is suggested to use the patch to fix the issue.

  1. First, you need to check for windows operating system of your computer.
  2. Then depending on your windows operating system download and run the patch.
  3. You can download the patch for 32 bit and 64 bit according to your needs.

Bitdefender presented this specific patch to solve the problem that occurred due to its updating. Therefore after running the patch, you should get rid of this issue.

Method 2: Fixing corrupted files

In order to remove Spybot’s corrupted files, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the file explorer in order to resolve the Bitdefender threat scanner. After starting the search for this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot ? Search & Destroy 2.
  2. Then look for a file named SDAV.dll, this is the culprit file causing an error.
  3. If you are couldn’t find the file named SDAV.dll in the folder, then go to the web and download the lost file
  4. When the file is downloaded, copy it and paste it to Spybot ? ?search and destroy 2? folder. Now paste SDAV.dll in the folder.
  5. When the SDAV.dll file is present in the folder, confirm the size. If you see the size is not exactly 32 KB, you have to change it readily because it is a corrupted one.
  6. For replacing, repeat step three and four and paste the new file. When going to paste the file a dialogue box may appear asking for “replace or skip files”. You have to click on replace the file in destination.

As soon as you successfully replace the corrupted Spybot file with normal one, the Bitdefender threat scanner error should not pop up again.

Method 3: Remove and Reinstall

Another way to get rid of this issue is to uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender software.

  1. First, you need to download the Bitdefender removal tool.
  2. Then run the downloaded removal tool to remove Bitdefender.
  3. Now again download the Bitdefender and reinstall it.

The error will no longer pop up.

Total AV Antivirus vs Avast vs Malwarebytes

In this modern age of the internet, malicious content and malware threats pose a high level of risk to each and every one. It is not only the increased amount of malware but also the increasing types of threats like ransomware, cyber threats, and viruses, etc.

The evil fellows have become extraordinarily smart and have invented a lot of new and ingenious ways to dupe into visiting malicious sites, downloading suspicious content, starting and opening unsafe attachments in email and many more. Therefore, the demand for perfect antivirus software is increasing with time.

We have compared three brands here namely Total AV Antivirus vs Avast vs Malwarebytes. Let’s see which one best suits your requirements.  

Total AV

TotalAV antivirus provides full security system protecting the user’s computers and other mobile devices from cyber threats and malware. TotalAV Software has the simplest user interface and is very easy to use. It also provides 30 days of money back guarantee and trustworthy customer services.


TotalAV provides robust and durable defense and security against suspicious and malware containing URL.

It also provides compact protection against phishing.

Compatible with all the major types of devices

Customer services are open 24 hours.

The free version has good features

The scan speed is very fast

TotalAV provides a remarkable list of optimization tools


The Mac version is not completely developed

Lacks some crispy features

It supports only five devices

The protection against viruses is not fully developed

The Web Shield only supports Firefox and Chrome


TotalAV provides protection from the internet while web browsing. The TotalAV has a browser extension known as Safe web that identifies and blocks malicious sites. Safe web detects the spoofed websites which mimic the real sites to snip off the user’s data. It has the ability to eliminate 86% of malicious downloads. The web browser extension provides Ad blocker which enables you to clear cookies, remove history or start a private browsing page.


The price of a yearly package of TotalAV is $19.95. It is the discounted price the real price is $99.95. Total AV offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free antivirus is an efficient malware detecting software with a lot of compelling and advantageous features. But it often lacks good performance in oppose to malware attacks and affects the speed of the computer adversely. Such characteristics of Avast antivirus makes it difficult to recommend ahead of its opponents.  


Avast provides durable and robust protection against several kinds of malware

It has a user-friendly interface with clear settings

Premium versions are reasonably priced

When gaming the do not disturb mode permits notification suspending

Also supports mobile security features


Sometimes the performance is weak in targeted attacks

There is no auto scanning system for new devices connected to the computer

The boot scan is very slow

Slows down the system speed more than some of its competitors

Lack firewall in the free version


Avast offers perfect protection to your computer and other devices against the most powerful malware attacks. The Avast free antivirus uses six layers in depth protection to identify and remove dangerous and malicious content in just a few seconds. It also provides various levels of defense against suspicious and malicious sites. Avast also has the capability to protect the users’ devices from ransomware. Avast also gives free decryption tool which helps save the files infected from ransomware by decoding.


The price of Avast yearly package is $59.99 and comes up with 30 days money back guarantee.    


Malwarebytes is a USA based antivirus company. It is basically an anti-malware software that has the ability to detect and delete the malware from Android, iOS, and windows.  


It has a good range of features with straightforward installation

It has a very low impact on system speed

It has a robust cleaning system.

It offers a free version  

Strong PC cleaning

Has strong ability to remove malware and block malware sites


Lacks email protection

There no option of quick scan

The scan process is very slow


Malwarebytes was specially manufactured to provide you security and protection from malicious websites and suspicious files. It offers the same features and performs exactly the same as advertised. It easily identifies malware and cleans all the infected devices.


The yearly package of Malwarebytes costs $39.99 per year with 60 days money back guarantee.


In the end, we conclude that all the three antivirus software has their own good and bad features it depends on your preferences that which one you choose.

If you want perfect protection Avast might not be a great choice. Malwarebytes is a good software that worth its price and is a great option for whom looking for reliable defense against modern threats on the internet. TotalAV is also good in terms of defense and protection and offers huge discounts as it is a new brand in the market. Trying it is risk-free as it gets.

Total AV Antivirus

Although Total AV antivirus doesn’t have the same name and fame like some other opponents like Kaspersky and Avast, it still provides tremendous features with great antivirus protection. TotalAV surprisingly has a great ability to scan the files and protect against a large number of viruses and malware.

In general, TotalAV is the great option, if your focus is mainly on security against viruses instead of protecting the internet. Some of the important features of TotalAV are given below:


TotalAV provides protection against malware and viruses and scans the files thoroughly. It also provides protection from the internet when the user is browsing the internet. TotalAV contains an extension to the browser known as a safe web that identifies and block the doubtful websites. It also has the ability to detect phishing or spoofed websites that replicate the real sites to snip the user?s personal data. TotalAV has the ability to eliminate approximately 85% of malware and virus-containing downloads.


One of the important things to consider while choosing an antivirus is security. The ability of antivirus to keep spyware, ransomware, malware, and viruses from attack to the computer is the main characteristic of an antivirus. TotalAV has the ability to do so. As we know that the TotalAV company is new and don’t have the same popularity and reputation as others but it stills provides the same protection as any of its competitors. It has the ability to remove almost two third of the malicious content from the computer.

TotalAV Pricing

The discounted price of TotalAV yearly package is $19.95 and the original price for the same is $99.95. This package supports three devices at a time. This price is approximately 80% off. So this is the best choice for discount lovers. The TotalAV has the ability to support Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. It is cheaper than some other antivirus software but the fact is some of the important features are exempted from this version like firewall manager. TotalAV provides 30 days money back guarantee which is a great offer. It also offers the option of free download.

Ease of use

TotalAV is the most user-friendly antivirus software and is very easy to use. The complete process of downloading and installation is very easy and direct. This antivirus software is specially manufactured to be auto ready from start till the end and doesn’t require any manual settings from the user. The user interface is easy and the dashboard is neat, orderly and has all the important features and settings just a couple of clicks away. Also, it displays some graphs containing information related to performance.


The TotalAV free version has limited features but still has the capability to detect malware and viruses and boost performance.

TotalAV detects and deletes duplicates without letting you know about it.

Anyone wants to avail huge discounts of up to 80%.

It has great compatibility with Mac, iOS, and Win.


The TotalAV Mac version is not flawless and requires fixatives.

Many features need to be added.

The web shield feature is only supporting Chrome and Firefox.

The protection against viruses is not perfect.

The clean up features of TotalAV help to keep the computer clean and safe.

Bottom Line

Overall TotalAV offers complete security system to protect the computers and other devices of users from the malware and cyber threats. TotalAV Software is very easy to install and utilize. It also offers 30 days money back guarantee and reliable customer services. Trying TotalAV is risk-free as it gets.

Vipre Antivirus

Vipre antivirus at a glance

You may have had experience working with the Vipre antivirus software and noticed that the user interface is very friendly and easy with no extra options other than scan and protection. There no other additional features like performance enhancement that other antivirus software usually adds just to promote the value of the program. Vipre is very plainand straightforward. It performs the function for which it is made i.e. protection and nothing else.

Although it is simple, it doesn’t mean it is defective of untrustworthy. Vipre has the ability to detect nearly 100% of all the threat attacks. Using Vipre you will get protection against viruses and malware from the internet.


The complete installation process is very simple and easy

It has a very simple user interface and easy to use.

The performance and speed of PC is not negatively affected by the Vipre antivirus software

Vipre provides two-way protection in oppose to spyware and viruses at once.

Vipre also has the ability to guard against Trojans, rootkits and some other types of malware content


The installation process is very slow.

VIPRE only supports new versions of devices and incompatible with older versions of computers.

The Vipre generates temporary files when the process of scanning is done and are not removed automatically.

Reliability and security

Vipre provides great security and reliable protection from malware and viruses. The greatest flaw in Vipre is that it often has the inability to detect and protect against ransomware. It also has some imperfections when it comes to detecting chrome for malware and viruses. Therefore, if you are looking for an antivirus just for security, then Vipre may not be the right choice as many others provide protection against ransomware and restoration of encrypted files. But it is still a great option considering its affordable cost and ease of use.

Malware protection

No doubts Vipre is a great combatant against spyware and malware. The Vipre showed the ability to detect 99% of the malware in lab tests. The scanning process is also fast. In addition, Vipre also has a plus point that it deletes all the malicious software completely with no trace left behind. Vipre also has the ability to detect viruses and protect your devices from phishing through real-time scanning. Vipre also scans for social media like Facebook and ensure that you don’t catch viruses from malicious links from social media.  

Available Packages

There are three packages for Vipre for home and offers real-time protection system. Their contrasting features are:

  1.  Identity shield will provide security to your personal data containing your passwords and ensure security from webcam and microphones.
  2.  Advanced security offers protection against complex malware and viruses and sometimes ransomware and spam too.
  3.    Security Bundle has the features of both the previous packages.

The packages for Vipre for business is divided into three parts i.e. Endpoint Security, Email Security, and Threat Intelligence their contrasting features are:

Endpoint Security will shield all the computers and devices in your group from identified threat attacks.

Email Security will protect you from phishing, spams, viruses, and a lot of other threats.

Threat Intelligence provides protection from malware for business. It helps to identify and avoid the threats by observing unfamiliar movement in the system.

Vipre pricing

The Vipre offers two types of packages i.e. Vipre for home and Vipre for business and their prices are given below:

Vipre for Home:

It has three packages i.e. the Identity Shield which costs $29.99 per year, the Advanced Security which costs $54.99 per year and the Security Bundle which has the price of $55.24 per year.

Vipre for Business:

The Vipre for business has two packages i.e. the Cloud Edition which cost $150 per year and Server Edition costing $152.50 per year.

Bottom line

It can be concluded that the advantages of antivirus clearly out weight its drawbacks. Vipre is a great choice for protecting your devices from cyber threats and it is affordable than many of its rivals in the market.

Bitdefender Antivirus


Bitdefender software is manufactured by a Romanian cybersecurity company known as Bitdefender. It was created 18 years back in 2001 and effectively works in the market. Nowadays the company is protecting more than 500 million clients in more than 150 countries throughout the world. Bitdefender is utilizing machine learning and many other latest techniques to give a high-level of protection from several cyber threats.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Free antivirus is established by Avast and is one of the biggest brands in the world of antivirus and cybersecurity market. Avast is utilizing next-generation techniques and technologies to give users advanced software that prevents and protects them from all types of cyber threats

Antivirus protection

Bitdefender offers equal defense and protection against viruses for all the windows products which makes it a good option for you if you are searching for high-end protection for malware and viruses. The protection starts from customary scanning that search for already spread out malware and the experimental monitoring looks for suspicious malware to expose formerly hidden zero-day malware. If something suspicious found, is sent to the Bitdefender’s cloud-based servers for advanced checking.

Avast also provides the same malware protection and detection just like Bitdefender. According to recent tests conducted by AV-TEST, Avast detected a hundred percent of all the known and unknown malware.

Winner: It’s a tie


Bitdefender antivirus software provides two interfaces, one interface for the paid version and one for the free version. The interface of the free version is minimalist and is very easy. There is a small number of options and settings on the main page which allows you to do a full PC scan.

The paid suites of Bitdefender have a strong interface. It comprises of a vertical menu on the left side of the screen which has options like protection, tools, privacy, notifications, activity, accounts, support and settings.  

In contrast to Bitdefender antivirus, Avast antivirus provides interface will all the security features. At first look, the Avast interface looks much less complicated as compared to the Bitdefender interface. Avast has only 4 items arranged in a menu i.e. Status, privacy, protection, and performance.

Winner: Avast


In the Antivirus test for performance, Bitdefender scores an outstanding rating of six out of six. The Avast scores not as best as Bitdefender but still got a good rating of 5.5 out of 6.

As a result of antivirus Comparatives performance test, both antivirus software performed well and earned the best-advanced award. However, Bitdefender did somewhat better than Avast antivirus. The impact score of Bitdefender was 4.2 in contrast to Avast’s 8.9.

Winner: Bitdefender

Pricing plans

Bitdefender Antivirus has three different price plans and packages including Bitdefender Antivirus Plus having the price of $34.99 per year, Bitdefender Internet Security having the price of $39.98 per year and Bitdefender Total Security with price $44.99 per year.

In contrast to Bitdefender, Avast has three paid packages and a free version. The three packages are: Avast Internet Security having the price of $59.99 per year, Avast premier with a price of $69.99 per year and Avast ultimate with a price of $119.99 per year.

Winner: Bitdefender

We recommend Bitdefender antivirus because it provides high-quality malware protection with almost no effect on the system speed. If you are looking for a solution to security issues, the Bitdefender is the best choice. In this battle, Bitdefender is the winner. It also provides a better user interface.