In this modern age of the internet, malicious content and malware threats pose a high level of risk to each and every one. It is not only the increased amount of malware but also the increasing types of threats like ransomware, cyber threats, and viruses, etc.

The evil fellows have become extraordinarily smart and have invented a lot of new and ingenious ways to dupe into visiting malicious sites, downloading suspicious content, starting and opening unsafe attachments in email and many more. Therefore, the demand for perfect antivirus software is increasing with time.

We have compared three brands here namely Total AV Antivirus vs Avast vs Malwarebytes. Let’s see which one best suits your requirements.  

Total AV

TotalAV antivirus provides full security system protecting the user’s computers and other mobile devices from cyber threats and malware. TotalAV Software has the simplest user interface and is very easy to use. It also provides 30 days of money back guarantee and trustworthy customer services.


TotalAV provides robust and durable defense and security against suspicious and malware containing URL.

It also provides compact protection against phishing.

Compatible with all the major types of devices

Customer services are open 24 hours.

The free version has good features

The scan speed is very fast

TotalAV provides a remarkable list of optimization tools


The Mac version is not completely developed

Lacks some crispy features

It supports only five devices

The protection against viruses is not fully developed

The Web Shield only supports Firefox and Chrome


TotalAV provides protection from the internet while web browsing. The TotalAV has a browser extension known as Safe web that identifies and blocks malicious sites. Safe web detects the spoofed websites which mimic the real sites to snip off the user’s data. It has the ability to eliminate 86% of malicious downloads. The web browser extension provides Ad blocker which enables you to clear cookies, remove history or start a private browsing page.


The price of a yearly package of TotalAV is $19.95. It is the discounted price the real price is $99.95. Total AV offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free antivirus is an efficient malware detecting software with a lot of compelling and advantageous features. But it often lacks good performance in oppose to malware attacks and affects the speed of the computer adversely. Such characteristics of Avast antivirus makes it difficult to recommend ahead of its opponents.  


Avast provides durable and robust protection against several kinds of malware

It has a user-friendly interface with clear settings

Premium versions are reasonably priced

When gaming the do not disturb mode permits notification suspending

Also supports mobile security features


Sometimes the performance is weak in targeted attacks

There is no auto scanning system for new devices connected to the computer

The boot scan is very slow

Slows down the system speed more than some of its competitors

Lack firewall in the free version


Avast offers perfect protection to your computer and other devices against the most powerful malware attacks. The Avast free antivirus uses six layers in depth protection to identify and remove dangerous and malicious content in just a few seconds. It also provides various levels of defense against suspicious and malicious sites. Avast also has the capability to protect the users’ devices from ransomware. Avast also gives free decryption tool which helps save the files infected from ransomware by decoding.


The price of Avast yearly package is $59.99 and comes up with 30 days money back guarantee.    


Malwarebytes is a USA based antivirus company. It is basically an anti-malware software that has the ability to detect and delete the malware from Android, iOS, and windows.  


It has a good range of features with straightforward installation

It has a very low impact on system speed

It has a robust cleaning system.

It offers a free version  

Strong PC cleaning

Has strong ability to remove malware and block malware sites


Lacks email protection

There no option of quick scan

The scan process is very slow


Malwarebytes was specially manufactured to provide you security and protection from malicious websites and suspicious files. It offers the same features and performs exactly the same as advertised. It easily identifies malware and cleans all the infected devices.


The yearly package of Malwarebytes costs $39.99 per year with 60 days money back guarantee.


In the end, we conclude that all the three antivirus software has their own good and bad features it depends on your preferences that which one you choose.

If you want perfect protection Avast might not be a great choice. Malwarebytes is a good software that worth its price and is a great option for whom looking for reliable defense against modern threats on the internet. TotalAV is also good in terms of defense and protection and offers huge discounts as it is a new brand in the market. Trying it is risk-free as it gets.


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