Vipre antivirus at a glance

You may have had experience working with the Vipre antivirus software and noticed that the user interface is very friendly and easy with no extra options other than scan and protection. There no other additional features like performance enhancement that other antivirus software usually adds just to promote the value of the program. Vipre is very plainand straightforward. It performs the function for which it is made i.e. protection and nothing else.

Although it is simple, it doesn’t mean it is defective of untrustworthy. Vipre has the ability to detect nearly 100% of all the threat attacks. Using Vipre you will get protection against viruses and malware from the internet.


The complete installation process is very simple and easy

It has a very simple user interface and easy to use.

The performance and speed of PC is not negatively affected by the Vipre antivirus software

Vipre provides two-way protection in oppose to spyware and viruses at once.

Vipre also has the ability to guard against Trojans, rootkits and some other types of malware content


The installation process is very slow.

VIPRE only supports new versions of devices and incompatible with older versions of computers.

The Vipre generates temporary files when the process of scanning is done and are not removed automatically.

Reliability and security

Vipre provides great security and reliable protection from malware and viruses. The greatest flaw in Vipre is that it often has the inability to detect and protect against ransomware. It also has some imperfections when it comes to detecting chrome for malware and viruses. Therefore, if you are looking for an antivirus just for security, then Vipre may not be the right choice as many others provide protection against ransomware and restoration of encrypted files. But it is still a great option considering its affordable cost and ease of use.

Malware protection

No doubts Vipre is a great combatant against spyware and malware. The Vipre showed the ability to detect 99% of the malware in lab tests. The scanning process is also fast. In addition, Vipre also has a plus point that it deletes all the malicious software completely with no trace left behind. Vipre also has the ability to detect viruses and protect your devices from phishing through real-time scanning. Vipre also scans for social media like Facebook and ensure that you don’t catch viruses from malicious links from social media.  

Available Packages

There are three packages for Vipre for home and offers real-time protection system. Their contrasting features are:

  1.  Identity shield will provide security to your personal data containing your passwords and ensure security from webcam and microphones.
  2.  Advanced security offers protection against complex malware and viruses and sometimes ransomware and spam too.
  3.    Security Bundle has the features of both the previous packages.

The packages for Vipre for business is divided into three parts i.e. Endpoint Security, Email Security, and Threat Intelligence their contrasting features are:

Endpoint Security will shield all the computers and devices in your group from identified threat attacks.

Email Security will protect you from phishing, spams, viruses, and a lot of other threats.

Threat Intelligence provides protection from malware for business. It helps to identify and avoid the threats by observing unfamiliar movement in the system.

Vipre pricing

The Vipre offers two types of packages i.e. Vipre for home and Vipre for business and their prices are given below:

Vipre for Home:

It has three packages i.e. the Identity Shield which costs $29.99 per year, the Advanced Security which costs $54.99 per year and the Security Bundle which has the price of $55.24 per year.

Vipre for Business:

The Vipre for business has two packages i.e. the Cloud Edition which cost $150 per year and Server Edition costing $152.50 per year.

Bottom line

It can be concluded that the advantages of antivirus clearly out weight its drawbacks. Vipre is a great choice for protecting your devices from cyber threats and it is affordable than many of its rivals in the market.


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