Although Total AV antivirus doesn’t have the same name and fame like some other opponents like Kaspersky and Avast, it still provides tremendous features with great antivirus protection. TotalAV surprisingly has a great ability to scan the files and protect against a large number of viruses and malware.

In general, TotalAV is the great option, if your focus is mainly on security against viruses instead of protecting the internet. Some of the important features of TotalAV are given below:


TotalAV provides protection against malware and viruses and scans the files thoroughly. It also provides protection from the internet when the user is browsing the internet. TotalAV contains an extension to the browser known as a safe web that identifies and block the doubtful websites. It also has the ability to detect phishing or spoofed websites that replicate the real sites to snip the user?s personal data. TotalAV has the ability to eliminate approximately 85% of malware and virus-containing downloads.


One of the important things to consider while choosing an antivirus is security. The ability of antivirus to keep spyware, ransomware, malware, and viruses from attack to the computer is the main characteristic of an antivirus. TotalAV has the ability to do so. As we know that the TotalAV company is new and don’t have the same popularity and reputation as others but it stills provides the same protection as any of its competitors. It has the ability to remove almost two third of the malicious content from the computer.

TotalAV Pricing

The discounted price of TotalAV yearly package is $19.95 and the original price for the same is $99.95. This package supports three devices at a time. This price is approximately 80% off. So this is the best choice for discount lovers. The TotalAV has the ability to support Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. It is cheaper than some other antivirus software but the fact is some of the important features are exempted from this version like firewall manager. TotalAV provides 30 days money back guarantee which is a great offer. It also offers the option of free download.

Ease of use

TotalAV is the most user-friendly antivirus software and is very easy to use. The complete process of downloading and installation is very easy and direct. This antivirus software is specially manufactured to be auto ready from start till the end and doesn’t require any manual settings from the user. The user interface is easy and the dashboard is neat, orderly and has all the important features and settings just a couple of clicks away. Also, it displays some graphs containing information related to performance.


The TotalAV free version has limited features but still has the capability to detect malware and viruses and boost performance.

TotalAV detects and deletes duplicates without letting you know about it.

Anyone wants to avail huge discounts of up to 80%.

It has great compatibility with Mac, iOS, and Win.


The TotalAV Mac version is not flawless and requires fixatives.

Many features need to be added.

The web shield feature is only supporting Chrome and Firefox.

The protection against viruses is not perfect.

The clean up features of TotalAV help to keep the computer clean and safe.

Bottom Line

Overall TotalAV offers complete security system to protect the computers and other devices of users from the malware and cyber threats. TotalAV Software is very easy to install and utilize. It also offers 30 days money back guarantee and reliable customer services. Trying TotalAV is risk-free as it gets.


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