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Total AV

Total AV Antivirus

Although Total AV antivirus doesn’t have the same name and fame like some other opponents like Kaspersky and Avast, it still provides tremendous features with great antivirus protection. TotalAV surprisingly has a great ability to scan the files and protect against a large number of viruses and malware. In general, TotalAV is the great option, […]

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Vipre software

Vipre Antivirus

Vipre antivirus at a glance You may have had experience working with the Vipre antivirus software and noticed that the user interface is very friendly and easy with no extra options other than scan and protection. There no other additional features like performance enhancement that other antivirus software usually adds just to promote the value […]

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Bitdefender software

Bitdefender Antivirus

  Bitdefender software is manufactured by a Romanian cybersecurity company known as Bitdefender. It was created 18 years back in 2001 and effectively works in the market. Nowadays the company is protecting more than 500 million clients in more than 150 countries throughout the world. Bitdefender is utilizing machine learning and many other latest techniques […]