If you do not have a special fence in the backyard that protects the dog from the outside world, then it will need a kennel for these purposes. In any case, the doghouse is an excellent opportunity to give the dog the freedom to take long walks and at the same time have a place where the animals can relax and feel safe. Thus, your animal will not only be physically healthy thanks to daily and long walks but also will have a place provided with proper comfort.

Now let’s try to figure out what parameters your choice should be based on.

Dogs are initially very active animals. That is why keeping animals in the house is sometimes a real discomfort for the owners. A dog very often wants to frolic and play with people, but at home, it is almost impossible to do. Accordingly, the dog begins to run around the house and destroy various interior items, which in any case upsets its owners.

Often when choosing a cab, the owners of the animal have several questions:

Which kennel is the safest for my dog?

Can I leave my dog alone and not worry that something will happen to it if the kennel is on the street?

Will the kennel protect the dog from challenging weather conditions?

Can I use the cab in the winter season?

If you get a kennel that will be located in the open air, you can always train with your dog and give it due attention. However, when choosing a street cab, you need to understand what parameters it must meet so that the choice is right. So let’s start directly with a review of the most successful examples of street nurseries.

Best for Large Breed Dogs: The Lucky Dog

This cab has a high-strength steel structure which implies that all the details are made, taking into account various weather conditions and are durable. If you are the owner of large dogs, then this large outdoor dog kennel is the best option for you.

The most reliable outdoor option: Aleko Heavy Duty

In addition to the fact that the cab is made in an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing style, it is robust and reliable. Moreover, today, it is one of the best offers in the price-quality category.

The best cab: PetSafe Box

If your dog often spends time outdoors, it likes to play outdoors, then this kennel will be one of the best options. The cab is made of durable material and is not afraid of any weather conditions.

Strongest option: Lucky Dog

This design is effortless to assemble and does not require any additional effort. All structural elements are heavy-duty and designed for even the most severe weather conditions. The durability of this design is not in doubt.

Best Price/Quality Option: PetSafe Cottageview

This kennel is necessarily equipped with a special canopy that will help protect your dog from debilitating sunlight. Besides, you can optionally equip the cab with the help of a panel, which will significantly increase the comfort for your pet.


When choosing a kennel to be placed on the street, take into account the peculiarities of your dog’s breed and the fact that the kennel will be outdoors all year round. This means that the materials from which the cab is designed must be designed for any weather conditions.


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